Netflix Renews ‘3 Percent’ For A Second Season


While the majority of Netflix original shows are intended for American audiences, the streaming service has been branching out in recent months to appeal to a more global audience. One of the shows that came out of their global expansion – a Brazilian drama titled “3%” – just found out that it was renewed for a second season.

This news was revealed at the Sau Paulo Comic Con Experience during a panel with Netflix Vice President of Marketing for Latin America Vini Losacco. As of now, there’s no release date set for the second season.

The dystopian series (only the second Netflix show to be produced in Latin America) is Netflix’s answer to the Hunger Games. It’s the story of young adults competing in a life or death competition that would allow them to be a part of society’s “3 percent” who live in an upper class place called Offshore.

Initial critical reception for the series was pretty positive, so it makes sense that the series has been renewed for another round.

Even for people who aren’t usually in to sci-fi and fantasy, 3% is an interesting look as society, class, and desperation, so it’s worth a look even if this isn’t usually your type of show.