Netflix Renews ‘Frontier’ For Second Season Before It Even Debuts

Netflix’s new period drama Frontier hasn’t even set a US release date yet, but it’s already renewed for a second season.

The series was produced by Discovery Canada (its first original scripted drama) and will debut Sunday, Nov. 6 on Discovery Canada. A US Netflix debut will happen some time on 2017. The first season of Frontier is a little short at only 6 episodes, so it’s not surprising that Netflix would agree to a second season so early on.

Frontier focuses the cutthroat fur trade in North America during the 18th century and chronicles the frequent clashes between newly arriving Europeans and the area’s aboriginal tribes. The stories are told from multiple perspectives and almost always end with blood.

Jason Momoa (fans will know him from Game of Thrones) plays Declan Harp, an untamed but charismatic trader who is one of the biggest names in the business. Of course, he didn’t get to the top by making friends, and he’s not looking to make any new ones.