Netflix Reveals Gilmore Girls Themed “Binge Candle”

Fans of the Gilmore Girls revival from Netflix and probably no stranger to binge watching the series, but they probably never expected this – the chance to binge…. smell? Netflix has revealed their latest promotion, and it’s a unique one. Fans now have the chance to not just watch Stars Hollow on screen, but to bring a little Stars Hollow to their home with the Gilmore Girls binge candle.

Netflix’s new Gilmore Girls candle is a regular scented candle, but it’s designed to coincide with the Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life series. There are four different scent layers, which each burn for 90 minutes (the length of an episode). As long as the series is watched in order, and the candle is lit when the series starts, every scent will correspond to the “season” on screen (winter, spring, summer, and fall in order).

And as those famous four words end the series, the flame snuffs out. It’s a rather dramatic visual for a dramatic ending. The candles even come packed in Stars Hollow Gazette paper, a little nod to fans of the show.

Now the big question: How do you get one? The candle is limited to only giveaways for fans in the U.S., Asia and Europe. Netflix distributed the candles to certain blogs and web sites, and these sites are giving them away how they choose. For the most part, this means interacting with these sites on social media.

Understandably, fans are excited about the experience-enhancing candles, so be sure to check your favorite entertainment blog to see if they’re giving one away!