Netflix now streaming high dynamic range content

Even though most of us don’t own a television set that can handle high dynamic range content, Netflix is rolling out the service that provides more colors and a wider range between darker and lighter tones.

“As of mid-March, we have been providing both Dolby Vision and HDR10 streams to supported TVs, giving Netflix members an even more visually stunning experience,” a Netflix spokesperson told Engadget earlier this week.

The popular streaming service is starting the service with “Marco Polo” and later Marvel’s “Daredevil.”

Several new Samsung, LG and Sony TVs were announced at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show with HDR ability, but those sets are expected to face the same challenge that 4K sets needed to hurdle last year: When should a consumer buy a TV that has all of the newest bells and whistles?

“It’s the same chicken-and-the-egg problem that previously confronted would-be buyers of Blu-ray discs, high-definition TV, 3-D TV and most recently, 4K,” writes Ryan Nakashima of the Associated Press.

HDR is also expected to be a marketing nightmare.

“People can understand that more pixels is better than fewer,” TV analyst Paul Gagnon told the AP. “When you start talking about color gamut and HDR, people’s eye start to glaze over.”

For now, Netflix says viewers will be ‘blown away visually.”