Netflix Signs Deal to Stream Original Movies In Theaters Simultaneously

Netflix has been making a push in recent months for more “theatrical” style releases as part of their original catalog, and it looks like their originals will indeed be a little more theatrical in 2017, as the company has announced an agreement with iPic, a luxury theater chain, to show Netflix original movies in theaters on the same day they’re released for streaming audiences.

iPic theaters in Los Angeles and New York City will be showing Netflix’s films, with iPic’s 13 other locations and independent theaters also having the option to pick them up. This wouldn’t be the first tine a Netflix original film has shown in a theater, but it is the first long-term agreement.

The Siege of Jadotville,” starring Jamie Dornan (from “Fifty Shades of Grey”) will premier Oct. 7., and will be followed by Christopher Guest’s mockumentary “Mascots” on Oct. 13. iPic previously tested showings of Netflix’s “The Little Prince.”

The deal covers 10 upcoming Netflix original films, which is most of their releases for the upcoming year. Netflix is hoping that these theater releases show new customers that their original films can indeed rival any theatrical release.

Financial terms haven’t been released yet, so it’s not clear how ticketing revenue will be split.

In addition to exposing new people to Netflix’s quality catalog, this move also opens the door for something Netflix has wanted for a while: an Oscar. Per Academy rules, an Oscar-nominated film has to run in qualifying theaters for at least seven consecutive days, with multiple showings every day, in a venues that “regularly show new releases.” While most of Netflix’s work doesn’t fall under these rules, their new films will.