Netflix signs exclusive content deal with Samsung – but not without controversy

Good news, Samsung mobile users – you’ll have a better Netflix experience than any other mobile brand. That’s because the streaming giant has signed an exclusive deal with the cell phone provider to not only automatically integrate Netflix into every Samsung phone, but also to offer bonus content.

The end goal, according to Netflix’s Chief Marketing Officer Jackie Lee-Joe, is to make Netflix mobile viewing “the absolute best it can be.” Consumers also get the benefit of using Samsung’s virtual assistant to search and play shows. For example, just say, “Bixby, play Stranger Things,” and the latest episode of the hit show will fire up. It’s not hard to see though, that this move comes as Netflix is facing fierce competition in a heavily crowded streaming market.

Exactly what type of bonus content would be available isn’t clear, but we do know it will be on Netflix original shows. Directors of these shows will be given the latest Samsung hardware to capture exclusive content and, naturally, to show off the phones’ capabilities to fans.

Of course, not everyone is going to be happy about this deal because it essentially creates a situation where two users pay the same price for a service but don’t get the same content. It sounds like we’re just dealing with interview or behind the scenes footage, but it’s still a setup that’s going to sting for show superfans.

This deal begins with the Galaxy S20, but it’s expected to extend to other flagship phones.