Verizon tops Netflix ISP Speed Index in August 2016


Verizon FiOS remains the ISP Speed Index leader when it comes to which internet service provides the best Netflix streaming experience.

Each month, the streaming company highlights the best internet service providers across several countries.

In the U.S., Verizon’s service had an average monthly speed of 3.62 megabytes per second, up from 3.61 a month ago. Bright House also came in at 3.62, followed by Optimum (3.58), Cox (3.57), Charter (3.51) and Comcast (3.50).

The complete list is available here.

Topping this month’s list is nothing new for Verizon, which took the title in 2015 and will likely wrap it up for the year in 2016.

The service has been called the fastest and most reliable service in the nation, and they haven’t brought up the D word at this point… “Data-cap.”