Netflix Turning YA Novel The Kissing Booth Into Feature Film

With Netflix continuing to dump ridiculous amounts of money into developing content, their feature film slate is proving to be as diverse as their original TV shows. So far they’ve served up war dramas and comedies and horror flicks — even a martial arts epic. Now you can add to the mix an adaptation of a popular young adult novel called The Kissing Booth.

Deadline reports that Netflix has ordered a film version of the 2012 YA novel by author Beth Reekles — who, impressively, wrote the book when she was only 15 years old. She first posted The Kissing Booth to the story-sharing site Wattpad, and it eventually caught the attention of Random House. They published it as an ebook in 2012 and as a paperback the following year. Not bad for a debut novel written before Reekles could legally vote.

Unsurprisingly, the events of The Kissing Booth are set in motion by, well, a kissing booth. This particular booth puts sixteen-year-old Elle Evans face to lips with bad boy Noah — her current crush, and also the brother of her best friend. As if that weren’t complicated enough, Elle finds herself in the kissing booth without any practical experience to work with — she’s never been kissed before. Can she even? She cannot.

The Kissing Booth will be directed for Netflix by Vince Marcello (Teen Beach Movie), who also wrote the screenplay. Komixx Media is producing.

While The Kissing Booth will be the first time Netflix has dipped a toe into the YA romance pool, the streaming giant has definitely had a strong focus on developing content for younger audiences. In addition to a staple of original cartoons based on properties like Care Bears and Voltron, Netflix granted extra seasons to both Star Wars: The Clone Wars and DreamWorks Dragons. They’ve also got Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events due out next month, and it promises to be a dour delight for all ages.