Netflix Viewers Still Prefer Licensed Content Over Original Series

Netflix has generated a ton of buzz and lured in quite a few viewers with some of its more successful original series like Stranger Things, GLOW, and Master of None. Despite those success stories, though, it seems Netflix viewers still prefer licensed content over the streaming service’s own original series. What does that mean for Netflix going forward?

According to new figures published by New York-based data-tracking service 7Park Data, original content made up just 37% of Netflix’s U.S. streams in October 2018, up from 24% in October 2017 and 14% in January 2017. Still, that means 63% of Netflix’s viewing is made up of licensed content as opposed to original content.

However, six of the top ten most-watched Netflix shows are the streaming service’s own series. In November 2018, Netflix’s most-watched series was The Office, while the second most watched was the original The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Three more of the top ten were licensed (Friends at #3, Grey’s Anatomy at #4, and Criminal Minds at #10), while the rest were Netflix originals (House of Cards at #5, The Great British Baking Show at #6, Marvel’s Daredevil at #7, Narcos: Mexico at #8 and The Haunting of Hill House at #9).

Even though the majority of the ten most-watched series are originals, Netflix faces a huge challenge next year as the highly-anticipated Disney+ rolls out, taking away all of Netflix’s Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney content in the process. Netflix’s original Marvel series have accounted for 1.7% of total U.S. viewership over the last year, and the recent cancellation of Marvel’s Daredevil is likely enough to make some subscribers check out other streaming services until Disney+ rolls out.

Next year will be a pivotal one for Netflix as it faces its most formidable competition in Disney+. Can the big red streaming giant find enough new Stranger Things to remain number one? Let’s hope so. Competition drives innovation, after all.