Netflix’s Iron Fist Featurette Introduces the Good, the Bad, and the Punchy

Netflix’s next Marvel series is less than a month away. Iron Fist is the last of the four initial Marvel/Netflix shows that were announced several years back, and which kicked off with Daredevil. Iron Fist is the last brick in the road that leads to next summer’s Defenders limited series, which will see the protagonists of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist teaming up to face a powerful threat. But it looks like Iron Fist has got problems of his own to deal with first.

With Iron Fist due to premiere on March 17, Netflix and Marvel have released a new featurette that lays out the basics for anyone not familiar with this admittedly semi-obscure comics character. Finn Jones plays Danny Rand, orphaned and believed dead for 15 years, as he returns to his home in New York City. He returns to find his parents’ multi-billion-dollar company in the hands of two childhood friends, both of whom are understandably skeptical about the unshaven and barefoot interloper who strolls into their office, claiming to be the heir to the Rand fortune. And he’s got other secrets — let’s just say, Danny didn’t spent those 15 years sitting on his butt.

With a decade and a half of martial arts training under his belt, Danny would be formidable even without the ability that gives him his vigilante name. By channeling the power of the Iron Fist, Danny is able to punch like a freaking locomotive, ensuring he’ll likely never suffer the indignity of getting locked out of his apartment. He’ll need all the juice he can work up, too, as he soon finds himself pitted against dark forces that would rather he have remained dead.

Iron Fist was developed by Scott Buck (Dexter), based on the Marvel character created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane. The show stars Jones alongside Jessica Henwick, David Wenham, Jessica Stroup, Tom Pelphrey, and Rosario Dawson. Other familiar faces from earlier Marvel/Netflix series include Carrie-Anne Moss and Wai Ching.

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