Netflix’s Staged Suicide Promo Video Has Some Fans Furious

A short promo video for a new Netflix show has some fans furious.

Promoting their upcoming sci-fi show The OA, the Netflix Twitter account sent a cryptic tweet that simply said, “Have you seen death?” followed by tweets of “Have you seen darkness?” and “Have you seen the light?”Odd, sure, but nothing too shocking yet. But that’s when things got really weird.

As a follow up to those three tweets, Netflix sent out a disturbing video that appears to show cell phone footage of a woman in a pale satin dress running for the edge of a bridge packed with cars, and climbing over the railing. The video cuts off after only three seconds, just as the woman climbs the railing.

But a fifth tweet followed with a longer video of the same scene, this time showing the woman climbing the railing and looking back at the camera as people implore her to stop. The woman lets go and drops out of view as a child in the car whispers, “She let go.”

At first, the messages and video led some people to believe that the Netflix Twitter account had been hacked, and that the suicide depiction was real. Netflix however posted a full trailer for The OA minutes later, revealing it was just a purposely disturbing promotion.

Still, the apparent depiction of a real suicide in an automatically playing video left a lot of people pretty angry, with many saying they had dealt with suicide in real life, and didn’t need a reminder.



The full video in question is posted below, but be warned that it may be disturbing to some viewers.

The OA is slated to debut on December 16, 2016.