Netlix Gilmore Girls Tweet Goes Viral: Just Trolling Fans Or More Shows On The Way?

This post DOES contain spoilers about Year in the Life on Netflix

A recent Tweet by Netflix has Gilmore Girls fans on edge. Was the company just playfully trolling fans, or are they saying there’s more Gilmore Girls on the way?

A cryptic message sent last week referenced the ending of Year in the Life, in which fans find out that Rory is pregnant (literally, the last words of the series are Rory saying “I’m pregnant” to her mom). The only thing is, who the father is isn’t revealed.

The scene was a major cliffhanger for fans of the show, with many voicing their frustration on social media about leaving such an important questions unresolved (also to speculate on who the father is and to beg Netflix to continue the story).

Netflix’s Tweet in question simply said “Where’s an eighth grade science fair when you need one?” and showed a mock science project with photos of Logan, Paul, and an unnamed and unseen “Guy Dressed in a Wookiee Costume” – all guys who hooked up with Rory in the show.

The tweet references an earlier Gilmore Girls scene where April uses a similar project to find her biological father.

So is it confirmation or more Gilmore Girls or just Netflix playing around? There’s no official word on anything yet, but you can bet it’ll be a big story if there is.