New ‘Chasing Cameron’ Trailer Takes Fans Backstage With Cameron Dallas

You’d imagine the life of one of today’s biggest online starts to be a little crazy, but a new trailer for the Netflix original Chasing Cameron reveals just how insane – and even dangerous – things can be.

The new trailer starts with images of Cameron as a child with his family talking about how awkward he used to be, and telling how social media brought him out of his shell. But then the trailer gets dark, showing a bloody Cameron followed by images of young girls screaming, crying, and injuring themselves just trying get close to the Vine star.

Chasing Cameron mainly focuses on Cameron’s first international MAGCON (Meet and Green Convention) tour with several other social media personalities. The 10 episode series shows the group as they travel the world trying to juggling their private lives with their online personals and their public personas. Spoiler… there’s A LOT of screaming girls.

If you’re not familiar with the name, Cameron Dallas rose to fame as a teenage on the now defunct Vine app. His short videos would quickly go viral, eventually netting him a network television gig and a music career. His popularity continues to grow, and as more and more people want a piece of him, this will be an interesting watch even if you’ve never heard his name before.

Chasing Cameron will premiere Dec. 27 exclusively on Netflix.