New Featurette For Netflix’s “The Crown” Showcases Lavish Production

When the news was announced that the upcoming Netflix original “The Crown” would be the most expensive television show ever made, the bar was set pretty high for production.

A new featurette from Netflix gives viewers a behind the scenes look at the cast and production, and showcases a little more of what fans can expect.

In short, The Crown promises a never before seen look into he private lives of the British royal family. The series focuses on Queen Elizabeth II when she’s just a 25 year old newlywed thrust onto the throne when her father passes away. While dealing with a brand new marriage, she also must deal with a British Empire in decline while creating a relationship with legendary Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill.

A lot of research went into the script, which reveal the Queen’s private journey to a very public life of power and privilege while handling all of the personal struggles, romances, and political rivalries that shaped the 20th Century.

The Crown (based on the play of the same name) launches Friday, Nov. 4 everywhere.