New TiVo Streaming Box On The Way? ‘Mavrik’ Trademark Suggest So

A new trademark filing has sent rumors swirling that TiVo is preparing to introduce a new set top streaming box called Mavrik.

On October 27, TiVo filed a trademark application for the word “Mavrik,” which includes uses of streaming video and cloud computing. Simply filing a trademark doesn’t mean that a new product is on the way, but the TiVo web site already has a page titled “Welcome to Mavrik Setup.”

The Mavrik setup site includes details on how to connect to a Wi-Fi network, and even has a “Choose Your Tier” option, which may mean that a tiered subscription service is coming.

Just last September, reports surfaced that TiVo was working on a product called “Mantis” that functioned as a streaming box, a cloud DVR, and an over-the-air antenna. It’s very likely that Mantis is now Mavrik.

A Mavrik Android app was also discovered, and showed options for a TV guide, OTA live streaming, a cloud DVR, and streaming content search that connects to services like Amazon Video.

TiVo certainly has something new on the way, and it’ll be interesting to stay tuned to see what’s coming. Cloud recording is something that hasn’t quite caught on yet, despite being tried a few times.