New Teaser Released For Jeremy Clarkson’s ‘Grand Tour’ On Amazon


After a breakup with the wildly popular show Top Gear, hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May knew they couldn’t do anything else except work together. Their departure was a pretty big blow for fans of the series, but they won’t have to wait too long to see their favorites again.

The trio returns in a new Amazon Video original series Grand Tour, which is set to debut on November 18.

In Top Gear, the three hosts made a name for themselves pushing cars (both everyday and extreme) to their limits with speed and stunts, seeing what these vehicles were truly capable of. The opening of the new series has been touted as “the most expensive TV opening scene ever,” with a price tag of PS2.5million.

From a new teaser trailer (which you can see below), it looks like fans will be able to expect much of the same. In the newest teaser, we see several cars go up in flames, and a report that 27 vehicles were destroyed. Unlike most streaming shows though, fans will only get one episode of Grand Tour at a time.