NFL Ratings Down For Prime Time Games, But Not For Sling TV


Ratings may be down for NFL prime time games, but Sling TV says their NFL partnership is setting records left and right.

Ben Weinberger, Sling TV’s Chief Product Officer recently said that Sling is having “record breaking days increasing week over week” thanks to their live streaming of NFL games. More and more people are cutting the cord than ever before, and live sports are one of the things they’re most starved for, so it makes sense that the ratings are there.

Streaming NFL games was a mammoth undertaking for Sling (NFL content rights are some of the most expensive and toughest to negotiate, and football games take massive resources to stream), but it looks like it’s been worth the effort. Sling TV has actually seen a large uptick in their subscriber base this fall, and football was a big draw for many new members.

Live sports have been one of the biggest reasons that many people are holding on cable TV packages, but with Sling’s other sports successes like ESPN 3, Amazon Prime getting in to the live sports game, Yahoo sports launching on Apple TV, cable cutters are starting to take note.

And when people learn that live sports are out there for streaming, companies like Sling TV are going to be in a great position.