NHL.TV Adds Pregame, Postgame and More To This Year’s Redesigned Offering

A new hockey season is here, and NHL.TV is celebrating with some major changes to their streaming service. Several new features are being rolled out, all of them designed to give fans more action – before, during, and after the game.

Most importantly, fan will get a lot more regional postgame and pregame shows, in addition to intermission shows during live games. While Disney (who owns NHL.TV) already had the rights to broadcast those shows, they’re now incorporating them into their streaming offerings.

In addition, one of the most requested features is being added – a “no spoiler” feature where users can easily turn off notifications for a certain game. Also coming is team arena info that was previously only available through the NHL’s Arena app, like schedules, seating charts and more.

Fans of the app will notice a total redesign on specific team pages and a new “always on top” video player for fans to watch the game while browsing other content in the app. For fans with Apple watches, a new app will be available there as well. This is in addition to their current features where users can choose what announcers they want to hear, watch multiple games with picture in picture, choose from up to 5 camera angles, or watch up to 5 games at once with mosaic view.

If you’re not yet familiar with NHL Network TV, it’s a must have for any hockey fan, and is by far the easiest way to watch hockey online. Available on Amazon Fire devices, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, and PlayStation, and Google Chromecast, it’s an “over the top” subscription service, meaning you can take advantage of it whether you have cable or not. Subscribers can watch more than 1,500 out-of-market games, meaning there’s never a shortage of hockey action available.

Hockey fans probably already know about NHL TV, but if you were on the fence last season, there’s never been a better time to get on board.