NVIDIA Shield TV Update Adds Twitch Streaming Support

Aside from big-budget productions, the new wave of streaming video has allowed everyday individuals to stream their own vlogs, rants, or even game sessions to the world, launching new careers overnight. In the gaming world, streaming service Twitch has revolutionized how gamers connect, share, and play games, making gaming a true spectator sport for the 21st century. In big news for Twitch users who game on the NVIDIA Shield console, NIVIDIA has just announced an update for the Shield TV console/streaming device to allow users to stream gameplay directly to Twitch. What will this mean for NVIDIA Shield users?

Well for one, it means the NVIDIA Shield could become more popular among gamers who frequently stream to Twitch. By incorporating the NVIDIA Share feature directly into the console, the Shield has now stepped up as a contender alongside PCs as one of the most convenient ways to stream gaming sessions to Twitch. NVIDIA published a full rundown of the update this week along with instructions on how to stream to Twitch using the NVIDIA Share menu.

The NVIDIA Shield console runs on the Android TV operating system, meaning it can also be used as a full-on streaming device. NVIDIA Shield is compatible with fuboTV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and even PlayStation Vue. The Shield can stream in 4K HDR and has support for both Google Assistant and Samsung SmartThings. If you’re a gamer who also streams television without cable, the NVIDIA Shield is a solid choice for an all-in-one media device.

The streaming video revolution isn’t all about the latest bingeable original series to hit the on-demand libraries. Streaming video has also allowed anyone to become a creator and stream their favorite things to communities of like minded individuals around the world. Want to become the next big Twitch gamer? Check out the NVIDIA Shield, download this latest update, and get streaming.