Rio Olympic Games breaks streaming record with a week to go

The Olympic Games is known for breaking records.

And when it comes to streaming, it’s no different.

With a week of competition still on the schedule, more minutes of the Rio Games have been live streamed than the London Olympic Games, according to NBC, which holds the broadcast and streaming rights to the Games.

“The 2016 Rio Olympics is the first in US media history with prime-time Olympic coverage on channels other than the primary broadcast network,” NBC said in a release. “It is also the first time that the broadcast network coverage, including primetime, has been streamed simultaneously on digital platforms.”

Numbers that came in before the weekend, when a world record was shattered in the men’s 400-meter dash and Usain Bolt dazzled the crowd for yet another 100-meter gold, showed viewers streamed 883 million live minutes of the Olympics. For the 2012 Olympic Games, viewers streamed 818 million minutes.

And there are still several big competitions to go, including men’s basketball and finals in nearly all of the track and field events.

The streaming records come as no surprise as more people who are sick of high monthly cable prices cut the cord for a cheaper internet alternative.