Original Drama ‘Messiah’ Bringing Modern Day Jesus to Netflix

How would the world today handle a modern day Jesus, a Middle Eastern man who performs miracles and quickly rises to international prominence? Would it be undying faith? Skepticism? That’s the story an original Netflix drama from Mark Burnett is set to tell.

For now, the series hasn’t officially been greenlit. It’s just in the very early stages. But with backing from producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, there’s a good chance the series will get the go-ahead. News of the series first broke when it was announced that the series was approved for a California tax credit in the “new series” category. As long as the script is finished in time, the show it set to film in Los Angeles.

Burnett and Downey are certainly no stranger to religious themed projects. The husband and wife team previously worked together on the History miniseries The Bible, the Lifetime TV movie Women of the Bible,” NBC’s A.D. The Bible Continues The Dovekeepers at CBS. Of course, Burnett is also quite well known as the producer of TV hits Survivor, Shark Tank, and The Apprentice.

The series creator, Michael Petroni, is familiar with this genre as well, working on the ABC drama Miracles, which was called a “spiritual version of The X-Files.”

Details about the actual show are pretty scarce at this point in time. We know a script is being written, and we know the show deals with how media and society reacts to a man from the Middle East who suddenly appears to be performing miracles. Given the subject matter, you can imagine there will be some controversy surrounding this one, so it will be interesting to follow development.

Messiah will be produced in house at Netflix, and if it makes it through to production, will likely be released some time in 2018.