Over-the-Air Streaming Service Plex Launches Free Live TV

An unexpected contender just entered the streaming world, and it’s not one you might have expected: Plex. Plex comes in the form of standalone apps for Windows, macOS, and Linux or a media player that can be used as an app on smart TVs and mobile devices. Plex even makes their own hardware streaming boxes which recently began allowing premium users to record live TV similar to a DVR. Now, Plex has announced that their devices and apps will begin allowing users to stream live TV channels from some of the biggest broadcast networks.

According to a press release on their website, the new live TV feature can be accessed on any Plex-capable device:

That’s right, today we’re rolling out support for Live TV! And we’re doing it in a truly Plexy way. It’s built right in to the Media Server, so you’ll be able to stream live (starting with our Android TV and iOS apps, with more to come) anywhere in the world through the power of Plex! Just think… you can now use Plex to follow along with your favorite sportsball team in real time! Or better yet, tune in to today’s episode of “The Price is Right” right this second!

The new live TV feature can receive over-the-air digital broadcasts from major networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS, CW, Univision, and more. As of now, Plex’s live TV streams are only available with their “Plex Pass” subscription which costs $4.99 a month. Aside from streaming live TV, the Plex Pass gives users access to extra features like offline syncing and parental controls. Plex currently claims about 13 million registered users.

With similar announcements from Facebook TV and Hulu lately, it seems the future of streaming might lie in live streams as opposed to pre-recorded content. In a way, the future of streaming might begin to look a lot more like the television of the past.