‘The Path’ Season Two Trailer Hits Hulu


The first season of Hulu‘s The Path (with Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul) was a surprise hit for Hulu and gained a fairly decent cult following that was strong enough to earn a second season for the show.

If you’re not familiar with The Path, it follows a family in the middle of a controversy filled cult as they struggle with life, family, faith, and relationships. Part thriller, part sci-fi, part romance, the show delved deeply into belief and faith, and just how much those forces impact our lives.

We finally have a trailer for the upcoming shows, and the second season looks like it’s coming with a lot of questions. In this trailer, we see Eddie making the jump to a world outside the cult and the Meyerist Movement trying to move on after Doctor Meyer’s mysterious departure. This certainly wasn’t an upbeat series to start with, but it looks like the second time around will be even darker.

Hulu has set a release date for the 13 episode second season of The Path‘s of January 25, 2017.