Missing MLB? PBS streaming Ken Burns “Baseball” documentary for free

What would have been MLB opening day is only about a week away, but now we’re left wondering if 2020 will even see any baseball at all. But if you’re missing your major league action and simply need something to fill the void, you’re in luck.

Starting this week, PBS is streaming the Emmy award winning 1994 “Baseball” documentary from Ken Burns totally free. The 18 hour series (appropriate enough, in nine parts) takes a deep dive into the national pastime, using historic video and pictures to not only explore how the game got to be, but the impact it’s had on American culture.

Viewers will travel from the 1840s to the 1990s, hearing from legends of the game – players, writers, and broadcasters – along the way. If you’re a fan of the game at all, you won’t get a more comprehensive look into its history and characters.

What prompted PBS to offer this series for free? Creator Ken Burns simply asked them to. “With events canceled & so much closed,” he Tweeted, “I asked PBS to stream BASEBALL for free so we can participate in the national pastime together. Watch below and please look out for those with greater needs. Play ball.”

The documentary can be streamed here.

Artie Beaty