Peacock will stream exclusive 2020 U.S. Open coverage

The U.S. Open is one of the biggest events on the PGA Tour, and when this year’s even rolls around, you’ll have the chance to catch exclusive coverage on Peacock.

NBC’s streaming service recently committed to upping their live sports content, with the U.S. Open one of their first big events. Of course, you’ll be able to catch most of the action on live TV, but Peacock will have two hours of exclusive coverage every single day of the event. For the first round, it’ll be later in the day, and for the last rounds, it’ll be early-morning action.

On top of that, Peacock will also have feature groups and feature hole coverage for every round.

USGA CEO Mike Davis was excited for the deal, calling NBC “A talented and knowledgeable group of broadcasters, including several USGA champions, and an experienced production team, led by Tommy Roy, will provide in-depth perspective on the championship and help us celebrate the greatness of the U.S. Open and the players who compete in it.”

Artie Beaty