Playback speed controls coming to Netflix

Netflix users are finally getting a little more control over the playback of their content – on Android at least.

Users watching Netflix on an Android device now have the ability to watch shows at either .5, .75, 1.25, or 1.5 speed. A small caveat though – it’s something the user has to select each time. There’s no way to permanently select a playback speed other than normal.

Watching a show or listening to a podcast in a slightly faster speed has become a popular trend in recent years, as bumping up the speed a small bit allows everything to still be digested, but in a shorter time frame.

On their side of things, Netflix says the feature is being introduced simply because it’s requested. Some viewers they say, want to watch content a little more slowly because they either need to read subtitles or they have vision or hearing difficulties. Other viewers, as mentioned, want to watch things in a more expeditious nature because they have a limited time to watch or because they want to pack in more content.

Netflix also added that creator concerns is why they capped the range of playback speeds and why users have to change their playback speed every time.

It’s expected that the feature will be rolling out to other devices in the coming weeks.

Artie Beaty