PlayStation Vue DVR: How to Record PlayStation Vue


Does PlayStation Vue have DVR service? It’s a perfectly normal question if you’re a new PS Vue subscriber, or someone thinking of becoming one. Knowing whether or not PlayStation Vue has a DVR and how to record PlayStation Vue could be the difference between signing up to PS Vue or not. This makes perfect sense when you consider the fact that most live streaming services have some type of DVR option. So, does PlayStation Vue have DVR? The answer is yes! If you want to learn how to use the DVR for PlayStation Vue, just stick around because that’s what this article is all about!


PlayStation Vue DVR – The Details

You need to know how to record PlayStation Vue. It’s simple, really. When you add shows to “My Shows” they are automatically set for recording and each recording will be saved for up to 28-days. Even if you want to binge-watch shows, this will give you access to at least three shows per series before episodes would begin to be erased. This won’t matter for many shows, because some of them offer multiple episodes on-demand, so you will have access there, as well. With the exception of CBS shows, you can watch any recordings through your home or out-of-home networks. CBS can only be watched at home.

Some channels won’t be able to be recorded on the DVR for PlayStation Vue. These include HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax, but these channels all offer complete DVRs so you don’t need to DVR them anyway. On-demand channels Hi-Yah!, Impacy, and Machinima are on-demand so DVR is not required and cannot be used, since they are on-demand channels and not live stream. Also, while some CBS programs/networks can be recorded in some areas, in others they cannot. It really just depends on the specific network that you have access to.


PlayStation Vue DVR – Recording

If you want to add shows to PlayStation Vue’s DVR it has to be added to the My Shows section. This can be done multiple ways, depending on the device you’re using. On most devices, you can add shows to the PlayStation Vue DVR My Channels section by either highlighting the show and pressing R1 or by selecting the + icon.

Most devices, PS3/PS4, Roku, Chromecast, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, and others have access to the PlayStation Vue DVR. All of the devices should play in your home-network with no problem.


PlayStation Vue DVR – Space

The nicest thing about PlayStation Vue is that there are no limitations in regards to space. While some DVRs do limit the amount of space you have, PlayStation Vue isn’t one of them. You could record an entire series, during a marathon, and it would be available to you, for at least, 28-days.


PlayStation Vue DVR – Pricing

The PlayStation Vue DVR comes with the package that you sign up for. No matter which of the four packages you pick, all of them contain access to the DVR. The smallest package has 45 channels and is available for $30/month. This is the package most people start with, so if you’re looking for a low-cost option that would be it. If you want to learn more about PS Vue, our PS Vue review can fill you in on features and added extras. There’s also a 5-day free trial that will help you learn more!

If you have any questions about the PlayStation Vue DVR you can let us know in the comments!