PlayStation Vue Free Trial: How to Try PS Vue Free


PlayStation Vue tends to be one of the more misunderstood streaming services. Offering live streaming cable channels, local channels in select cities, and even a cloud-based DVR so users can record their favorite shows, PS Vue seems like a good option for a cord cutter that loves TV. The confusion often comes with the name. Despite the name PlayStation Vue, you don’t need a PlayStation to subscribe to or watch PS Vue.

If you’re curious about PS Vue, a great way to find out more is with the PlayStation Vue free trial. In this article, we’ll look at the free trial for PlayStation Vue. You’ll have a chance to find out where and how to try PS Vue free, how long the PS Vue free trial is, and what happens if you try PS Vue free, but don’t cancel before your trial ends.


Try PlayStation Vue Free – What You’ll Get

PlayStation Vue has four main packages. They start at $30/month with on-demand local channels or $40/month in select cities that receive live streaming local channels. 45 other channels are in this package ranging from FOX News and ESPN to AMC and USA, with plenty of things in between. When you try PlayStation Vue free you’ll have access to the full package minus any add-ons like HBO. You can watch on Roku, mobile devices, and other streaming devices like Chromecast. There’s even a 28-day DVR that stores recordings for nearly a month! If you want to learn more before you try PS Vue free, you can learn more in our PS Vue review.

The PS Vue free trial lasts for five days. This is shorter than many of the other streaming services, but it’s long enough to test out the free trial for PlayStation Vue to make sure it’s right for you!


Free Trial for PlayStation Vue – How do I Sign Up?

Signing up for the PlayStation Vue free trial really is quite simple. The entire process takes minutes and involves you using your computer to visit the PS Vue website and filling out some basic information.

  1. Head on over to
  2. Click the option for starting the free trial
  3. Fill out the basic information required
  4. Sign in on the device of your choice
  5. Pick a channel and Enjoy!

PS Vue Free Trial – What’s the Deal with Cancelling?

Your PlayStation Vue free trial lasts for just five-days. Normally, what happens with PS Vue is that you pay for the month before it begins. So, if you sign up and your paid membership begins on the 25th, you can cancel on the 10th, but your membership will remain usable until the 25th when it will not renew and will end. If you cancel during the PlayStation Vue free trial your membership will end immediately.

You will want to keep a close eye on when your trial ends. If you’re signing up because you want to try out PS Vue free or you want to watch something free, your best bet is to cancel as soon as you’re finished or you know you won’t be needing Vue. If you wait too long and don’t cancel in time, Vue will charge you the price of your membership. Should you choose to cancel your membership would end when the 30-day membership is over.

Remember, you can learn more by signing up for the PlayStation Vue free trial or by visiting our PS Vue review. You can also leave questions in the comments.