Playstation Vue Gets ESPN, ABC, and the Disney Channel

Today, Sony had a big announcement to shake up the cord cutting industry. They are now officially adding ESPN, ABC, and the Disney Channel to their streaming service, PlayStation Vue. This move could set Vue up as a real contender in the streaming space.

Why ESPN Matters

Until today, Sling TV offered the only way to legally watch ESPN without a cable contract. The service, which offers a small bundle of channels for $20 per month, features ESPN, ESPN, and access to the WatchESPN app as part of the basic package. With the Sports Extra add-on, you can get ESPNU, ESPNNews, ESPN Buzzer Beater, ESPN Bases Loaded, SEC Network, and ESPN Goal Line. However, missing from the line up is the Longhorn Network and ESPN Classic.

Sony Vue’s ESPN addition is huge for a few reasons. First of all, it gives cord cutters another option for watching ESPN, which could be a big deal with various complaints of Sling TV having difficulty during highly viewed sporting events. Also, Vue will now carry both the Longhorn Network and ESPN Classic, making it the only way to get those stations legally without cable.


What PlayStation Vue Still Needs to Be a True Player in the Cord Cutting Game

All that being said, PlayStation Vue isn’t quite ready to own the cord cutting industry. It has a couple of major drawbacks that will continue to hold the service back if not remedied:

  • It has extremely limited availability–As of right now, you can only sign up for Vue if you are in Dallas, Miami, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, or San Francisco. However, availability is growing, albeit at a very slow pace.
  • You can only access it with PlayStations–Sling TV is available on devices ranging from Roku to PC to AMazon Fire TV. But as of right now, you can only watch Vue on a PS3 or PS4. To really compete, it needs to broaden it’s list of supported devices so the average cord cutter can subscribe.

There’s also the fact that PlayStation Vue is much more expensive than other services, although it’s channel offerings are much larger. Whatever the case, this new acquisition shows Sony is hard at work trying to better their streaming service. So the big question is…what can we expect next out of PlayStation Vue?