PlayStation Vue Raising Prices, Cutting ‘Slim’ Bundle

PlayStation Vue‘s channel offerings are getting a little more skinny while their prices are getting a little more bloated. The company announced today that they’re cutting out a popular package while increasing the price on all of their others.

The Access Slim package (which had about 55 channels) will soon be no more. This package was only available in areas that didn’t have live local broadcasts, so it actually affects a good number of customers. The lack of local channels meant that the package was essentially offered at a discount of $10 off the normal price. Subscribers who are currently signed up for the Access Slim plan will see the change on their bill in three cycles. Any new subscribers will pay the increased rate right off the bat.

Vue’s available plans now break down like this:

  • Access: $39.99 a month
  • Core: $44.99 a month
  • Elite: $54.9 a month
  • Ultra: $74.99 a month

At $40 a month, Access is now the cheapest plan. It has the same channels Slim did, only adding live local networks. For users in areas where local networks aren’t available, this just means they’re paying for channels they’re not getting.

Of course, this news isn’t sitting well with some people, mainly those who are now paying more for the same (or even fewer) channels. But this is a pretty standard move in most industries: offering a discounted price and raising it back up when enough customers have signed up.

And even though their prices are going up, this makes Vue’s fees fall right where virtually all of their competition sits. So this likely won’t cost Vue too many subscribers.

In a statement where they announced the change, Vue said this was their strategy from the beginning. “The transition to standard pricing for all markets” they said “was always part of our roadmap since we launched PlayStation Vue nationwide and began rolling out local broadcast affiliates in markets with Slim plans.”