Plex Launches Streaming Live TV on Apple TV and Android

Plex, the popular media server app, threw its name into the streaming ring earlier this year with the launch of a new live TV service. Plex’s live TV streams come in the form of free over-the-air television broadcasts from major networks and are available to members who pay a small monthly subscription fee. The service was initially offered only on iOS and Android TV apps, with more compatibility to come. Now, Plex has announced that their live TV service has finally come to Apple TV and Android mobile devices – along with some interesting new features.

Plex’s live TV streams require an HD antenna and tuner in addition to a monthly membership. In addition to expanding their list of supported features, Plex has added a new DVR feature they call “time shifting.” Time shifting allows users to pause, fast-forward, and rewind live TV streams. According to a press release, the feature is one more way Plex is attempting to make media more accessible to its users:

We can’t quite include a TARDIS with your Plex Pass yet, but we can do the next best thing, which is allowing you to time shift Live TV! That’s right, with our latest enhancements, you can now time-travel (well, pause or skip around) when watching Live TV. No longer will you be forced to choose between getting more Cheetos and seeing who gets voted off the island. Life is hard enough.

Plex might not yet be a major contender in the streaming market, but their model is an interesting one. By adding live TV streams to their media server functions, Plex now allows users to seamlessly integrate their stored digital media alongside live TV. Sure, there were already ways to do so using multiple apps and smart TV functions, but putting them all together under one roof is nice for households who regularly view both online and offline content.

Plex’s live TV is now available with a Plex Pass membership ($4.99 a month) on Apple TV, iOS and Android devices, and will soon come to Roku and Fire TV.