Pluto TV Signs with Indie Distributor for 2000 New Films

While the big name pay-per-month streaming services make the most headlines, there are a number of smaller, free streaming services which are beginning to assemble impressive catalogs. In what will surely make documentary and indie film lovers excited, streaming startup Pluto TV has signed a deal with indie film distributor Gravitas Ventures to bring over five thousand hours of new content to stream on Pluto TV for free. The deal reportedly includes over 2000 independent documentaries, comedies, dramas, and horror films.

Some of the titles include Dave Grohl’s Sound City, Cropsey, the 2009 documentary about a creepy urban legend, and Elian, a 2017 Tribeca Film Festival selection which tells the story of Elian Gonzalez, the Cuban boy found floating at sea in Florida whose custody battle set off an international controversy.

According to Variety, Gravitas’ VP of sales and marketing Laura Florence says the deal was a no-brainer for the distributor, claiming that Pluto’s unique catalog has enabled them “to be more competitive in the streaming TV market have established them as a leader in the space and we look forward to building this new relationship.” Pluto TV currently boasts around 5 million monthly users, so the deal will likely be a win-win for both parties who want to see their viewerships increase.

The entire selection of Gravitas films will be streamed on Pluto TV in the form of a Gravitas Movies channel, which can be found on channel 721 on The streaming service is free on mobile devices, on the web, as a smart TV app, and on other streaming devices including Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, PlayStation and Xbox. Pluto TV recently launched an on-demand video streaming service with an impressive and quirky list of launch titles. If it keeps making successful distribution deals like these, Pluto TV might soon be a serious contender in the streaming world.