Netflix Beats Out Major Networks For 2016’s Most Popular TV Show

It’s no secret that streaming is on the rise. But this little bit of information may surprise you. The most popular TV show of 2016 didn’t come from a major network – it came from Netflix.

According to the newest data, Orange is the New Black was the most watched show last year, beating out The Big Bang Theory at number two and a a pair of Netflix shows – Stranger Things and Fuller House at three and four. ABC’s Designated Survivor finished the top five. Bull, NCIS, and Scorpion, all from CBS were in the 6, 7, and 10 places, with NBC’s new drama This is Us in seventh place and ABC’s Modern Family in ninth.

Of course, Netflix doesn’t release actual numbers, so how was this decided? SymphonyAM, a new startup app, gathered the data by listens to what TV show’s subscribers were watching.

Ironically, Netflix called this method of determining viewership “wildly inaccurate” in January of last year when NBC used it to criticize the streaming service’s ratings. The data doesn’t reveal how many people actually watched shows (but of course, not even Nielsen ratings really do that completely), but it does show that Netflix is holding their ground in the battle against traditional TV.