QAnon conspiracy streaming channel gets boot from Roku

A streaming channel dedicated to conspiracy theory movement QAnon has received the boot from Roku.

The channel, which launched last month, featured a show called “Q Channel – QAnon Channel,” hosted by Dave Hayes. Roku acknowledges the channel is no longer available, but wouldn’t go into specifics as to why. The streaming platform is still facing questions though as to why it even let the channel join the platform in the first place.

What’s the issue? It’s likely that the content goes against Roku’s content policies. Roku does have a history of combating conspiracy theory programming. Last year, they pulled the plug on an InfoWars channel started by Alex Jones.

Describing exactly what Qanon is can be a little tricky, but in short, it’s a theory that a collective of “deep state” government and Hollywood celebrities is responsible for nearly all the world’s evils and they’re fighting against President Donald Trump, who’s set on exposing them. The “Q” refers to a “Q clearance,” or very high level of clearance in the US government and the “Anon” refers to an anonymous q-level employee dropping breadcrumbs of information on online message boards.

The FBI calls QAnon a “fringe conspiracy theory” and released a bulletin about the group while Reddit has outright banned its QAnon community, so this is far from the first time the group is encountering pushback for their beliefs.

Artie Beaty