Quibi adds Chromecast support

The revolutionary streaming service that never quite found its footing is still making changes to hopefully lure subscribers.

When Quibi launched, it was intended for mobile devices only. The “quick bites” of content were all under 10 minutes, so on-the-go viewing seemed natural. But, fans still wanted to watch on the big(ger) screen in their living rooms, so Quibi pivoted and started rolling out support for other devices.

The latest of those rollouts arrived today as Chromecast users can now watch on their televisions. The feature comes just after Quibi added support for Apple AirPlay devices among other changes. Of course, watching on TV means you’re locked into horizontal viewing, and you can’t switch back and forth between vertical and horizontal (an odd “feature” Quibi touted early on).

It’s expected that smart TV apps are on the way. So now, we’ll see if the small-screen only strategy was the problem, or if people just don’t care about Quibi’s content. If it’s the latter, you have to chalk that up as a disappointment given the star-studded lineup they brought to the table.

The ad-supported version of Quibi is $5 a month while the ad-free version is $8 a month.

Artie Beaty