Quibi could be coming to Amazon and Roku devices

Fresh on the heels of a report that they’re going to majorly miss subscriber goals, Quibi is making some big moves to bolster their base.

After debuting as a “mobile-only” streaming service, Quibi quickly found that people wanted to watch content on their televisions. The only problem, Quibi hadn’t prepared for it, so they were stuck with their format. Some changes to allow “casting” to TVs have been rolled out, but there was no presence on the two biggest platforms – Amazon and Roku.

Now though, according to a report from Variety, that could be changing. Quibi has been in talks with both Roku and Amazon to add their streaming app to those platforms. Unfortunately, the only details are that talks have “picked back up.” And given the rather lackluster subscriber numbers so far, it’s unlikely anyone will be in a hurry to make a deal.

Roku’s reticence to agree on a deal is furthered, Variety said, by Quibi’s revenue-sharing agreement.

The idea behind Quibi didn’t seem bad. In a very crowded streaming landscape, stand out by offering mobile content (where a lot of younger people are watching anyway). But a lot of shows, especially the streaming service’s originals, had relatively high production values that many people felt were lost on a smaller screen.

Don’t write Quibi off though. Peter Csathy, the founder and chairman of Creatv Media, a creative consulting firm, noted that “Quibi launched only two months ago. It’s far too early to start packing up, discarding its core strategy and calling it a day.” Getting more outlets to watch the content though, looks to be key for now.

Artie Beaty