‘Red Oaks’ Gets Third – And Final – Season From Amazon

If you’re a fan of all things 80s, there’s good news and bad news about Amazon’s original show Red Oaks. The show has been renewed for a third season, but it will be the last.

Set in 1985, the show follows the misfit staff and clueless members of Red Oaks country club in suburban New Jersey. College student David Meyers takes a job as a tennis pro to have one last summer of fun before the “real world” after graduation hits, but his parents, his girlfriend, and his co-workers are pulling him toward a future he’s not even sure he wants any more.

The show saw moderate success in its first season, with Rolling Stone calling it “80s without the irony” and “a coming of age story” without the cheesiness. Amazon saw enough to bring it back for a second season. But fans quickly fell off, leaving only die hards left. Those die hard fans were enough though, that Amazon decided to bring the show back for one last hurrah.

Fortunately for fans, going in to the third season aware that this will be the end should give time for things to be wrapped up nicely. Show creators Joe Gangemi and Greg Jacobs were excited about the chance to give the characters closure, saying, “We’ve always hoped to send these characters off to their futures with a third and final season, so we’re thrilled that Amazon has given us the opportunity to do so.”

The final season (and all other seasons) of Red Oaks will be available on Amazon Video, a streaming video service that’s free to all Amazon Prime members. The first season of Red Oaks 1 was released in October of 2014, with the second being released in November of 2016, so most people are expecting a similar fall/winter release for the last season.