Redbox launches free, live TV streaming service

Redbox, the company you know for introducing the red DVD rental kiosks to thousands of gas stations and drug stores, is entering the streaming game. Introduced this week, the company has a new “Free Live TV” section on their web site and app. Like most free streaming services, you will have to sit through some ads to enjoy your content.

To stream, either download the Redbox app or visit the Redbox website. You’ll see a “Free Live TV” tab at the top. Click, and you’ll be greeted with your options.

It’s worth noting that the content isn’t original, and likely won’t be too new. Instead, it’s from channels like TMZ, USA and more. A quick glance found shows like Forensic Files, Global Got Talent and Fail Army. You’ll also find non-stop streams of shows like America‚Äôs Funniest Home Video, Family Feud, and Unsolved Mysteries. The selection isn’t huge at all, but for a service that’s totally free and doesn’t even require an account, it’s a nice addition.

Redbox is far from alone in the “free TV streaming” space, but predecessors like Tubi (who just passed 25 million active users) show it can certainly be successful.

The service is available to “a limited number of people” for now (it wasn’t specified exactly who), but will a nationwide rollout is coming soon. Also over time, the service will be introduced to platforms like Chromecast and Roku.

Artie Beaty