Roku adds three more free channels, including Love Nature

While it’s not quite as big as the hefty addition that came earlier this month, Roku added a few more channels this week to their free streaming service.

Starting now, Roku users will find Love Nature, Love Nature Español and ZooMoo listed among their options.

Love Nature is a documentary channel that focuses on wildlife and nature. A sampling of shows finds titles like Gangs of Lemur Island, Big Cat Country, Great Blue Wild, Dogs With Extraordinary Jobs, Monkey Island, Strange Creatures and more. Love Nature Español features the same titles, just in Spanish. ZooMoo is a channel geared towards kids with shows like Kooki’s Crafty Show, JellyJamm, ZooMooPedia, Lubinho, the Sea Wolf and ZooMooZ: Nursery Rhymes.

The addition of these three channels means Roku has well over 100 free channels available, covering everything from news to sports to music to children’s programming. And thanks to the new channel guide that just rolled out, content is easier to find than ever before.

At present, STIRR, PLUTO TV and Tubi are among Roku’s most popular free channels, each one holding thousands of titles each.

As estimated 36 million people use Roku, making their free streaming content some of the most popular around.

Artie Beaty