Roku Private Channels: What Are They and Which are Best?

I am going to assume that if you’re reading this you, at the very least, know what a Roku is. Once you have it set up, you can scroll through thousands of channels to set up your box in a way that allows you to get endless amounts of content you want. However, there are unlisted, Roku private channels that are available that offer even more content. Adding Roku private channels is easy. All you need is a Roku account, which you likely already have if you have a Roku (it’s free to sign up) and a code for the channel that you want to add.

While there aren’t as many Roku private channels as there are public, the number of channels is certainly growing. More and more crop up every day. Here are some of the more popular options in Roku private channels.

In your account you will find a section that says Add a Channel. This is where you put the code and confirm that you want to add it. That’s all there is to adding Roku private channels! It couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve confirmed, the new channels should be listed at the bottom of your channel list.

Roku channels are added all the time, but here are some of the best Roku private channels right now.

Nowhere TV

Code: H9DWC

Nowhere TV has been around for over 5 years and it holds the distinction of being the Roku private channel with the most subscribers. On Nowhere TV, you’ll be able to stream TV and free channels from around the globe. You’ll find plenty of politics, sports, news, and TV shows from FOX, as well as other great options.

iTunes Podcasts

Code: ITPC

If you’re a fan of podcasts, this may end up being your favorite private channel. You will have access to the entire iTunes Podcast Directory. You’ll be able to search, add, and listen to all of the podcasts directly from your Roku.

My Channels

Code: MyChannels

MyChannels is actually an admin channel, as opposed to something more fun. That said, this channel can help clean up the look of your channel list. If you’ve been wanting a more organized look to your list, this will be what you’re looking for. You’ll be able to add favorites, increase the number of channels shown on the screen, and to group channels together for ease of use.


Code: Saveur

Foodies love Saveur Magazine. If you’re one of those foodies, you may find just as much delight in this private Roku channel. All of the video content that comes from the website and digital magazine will be available on your Roku, with this channel.

Great Chefs

Code: greatchefs

Great Chefs used to be on PBS, but that was a while ago and it has since been cancelled. However, if you like the show or just want to learn how to cook, you can add this private channel and learn how to cook with the best of them!

Dream Catchers Multimedia


If you’re a fan of documentaries, foreign films, and short films you can find them here. This channel has only been around since February but it’s gaining quite the following. Content is added often so there is always something new to watch!

Capital TV

Code: capitaltv

If you miss music videos you probably will enjoy Capital TV. This is a UK channel that offers 24/7 music videos. Think of it like MTV before they stopped playing music. You’ll hear and see some music you’re familiar with, and being that it’s a UK station, you’re likely to find some new favorites, too.

Goats Live

Code: GoatsLive

Every now and then you come across a channel so weird, you have to check it out. Welcome to Goats Live! This channel has spawned a YouTube channel and has the distinction of being listed as one of EarthCam’s 25 most interesting webcams in 2015. If you love goats, this is definitely the channel for you!

Silent Movie Channel


The channel name here is pretty self-explanatory. This will give you a huge library of silent films. You can enjoy classics from Greta Garbo, Charlie Chaplin, and many other greats of the silent screen.

This is just a small sampling of the best Roku private channels that are out there. New channels are constantly being made available. These channels are easy to find (with just a quick search) and offer content that you can’t always find in the public channels of Roku.