Shout! Factory TV Now Available to Amazon Prime & Apple TV Subscribers

A la carte packages such as HBO Now are making life a lot easier for prospective cord-cutters. Providers such as Amazon Prime have been offering tons of options via add-on channels for things like Starz, Showtime, and Shudder. Now there’s another prize in the grab-bag of choices: Shout! Factory TV is now available to subscribers of both Amazon Prime and Apple TV.

First founded in 2003, Shout! Factory is a home video company focused on releasing both classic and cult-classic television and films. The subscription streaming service ShoutFactoryTV has been available online for a while now, but cord-cutting is all about convenience. By partnering with Amazon and Apple TV, Shout! Factory’s content will definitely get more eyeballs than they’ve had before. Access to Shout! Factory TV will cost Amazon Prime subscribers a mere $2.99 a month. It will be a free ad-supported app on Apple TV.

Shout! Factory TV isn’t the place to find recent blockbusters, but if your tastes run more to the obscure and eclectic, this could be a must-have. Their current lineup of features movies includes cult classics such as Capricorn One, the 1983 slasher outing Sleepaway Camp, and a ton of Mystery Science Theater 3000 installments.

Over the years, Shout! Factory has given DVD releases to tons of cult TV shows that otherwise would have languished in obscurity. It’s kind of disappointing, then, how limited Shout! Factory TV’s television lineup is at this point. You get access to things like the 1960s Dennis the Menace series, The Dick Cavett Show, the animated ’90s kids hit ReBoot, and several Gerry Anderson “supermarionation” shows such as Captain Scarlet and Fireball XL5.

The Shout! channel also offers stand-up comedy specials by folks like Steve Martin and Kathy Griffin.

It’s definitely not as much of a “get” as having access to shows like Game of Thrones and Westworld via Amazon’s HBO channel, but the Shout! Factory channel just expands the options available to cord-cutters. And that can only be a good thing.