Showtime And CBS All Access Available Together As $15 Bundle

If you subscribe to CBS All Access, you got a welcome announcement today from the company: you can add an unlimited Showtime subscription for just a few dollars more a month. The announcement came down today that a new plan for just $15 a month gets you both services.

There’s also an add free version available for just $4 more, but Showtime is commercial free either way.

With the CBS All Access subscription, you get a CBS live stream in certain cities and on demand content (both present shows and past shows from the network) all the time. Remember, CBS airs a lot of football during the pro and college season, so All Access is a great way to watch NFL without cable. Showtime’s streaming works essentially the same way, only the live stream is everywhere. And you get a good deal of on demand movies shows there too.

Considering that a CBS All Access subscription is only $6 a month for the ad version or $9.99 for the ad free version, and Showtime’s service is only $10.99 a month, it means you’re not saving a ton with this deal – a few dollars a month at best. But still, a few dollars is money saved, and if you’re already signed on for both of these, there’s never bad time to save money.

This deal probably makes the most sense to people who are already CBS All Access customers and just want to have another option. Of course, multiple streaming services can get expensive fast. Nearly one third of people who subscribe to streaming video have multiple subscriptions, and the monthly fees can add up quickly.

If you’re using multiple services already, you might want to consider a live television service like Hulu, YouTube TV, or PlayStation Vue. Most of those services do have CBS available live and Showtime available as a premium add on, and you’re really not paying a lot more for the entry level plan (most are about $25 to $35).