Six new local CBS News affiliates coming free to Pluto TV in August

Starting in August of 2020, Pluto TV users in six new areas will find their local CBS News affiliate on the free streaming service.

The “CBSN” version of the network started in 2019 and has been slowly rolling out to major metropolitans since. The streaming specific channels include a mix of local and national news plus original programs not available elsewhere.

Coming in August are Boston, the Bay Area, Chicago, Denver, Minnesota, Philly, and Pittsburgh. To access them, look on channel 239. New York and Los Angeles have been added so far, and the plans are to expand to 13 total.

If you’re not familiar with Pluto TV, it’s a Viacom-owned free streaming service that has more than 200 channels. There are about 20 movie channels, 15 entertainment, about a dozen channels each for sports, travel, news music, technology, comedy, binge-watching, and 8 kids channels.

Artie Beaty