Sling Launches New à La Carte Channels Comedy Dynamics and DOGTV

Sling TV keeps adding new reasons to prove why it’s becoming one of the best values on the streaming market. Sling TV is a price point below most other over-the-top streaming services but still offers some of the best channels and features on the market. To make Sling TV more enticing, the streaming service has just launched two new à la carte channels for somewhat niche audiences: Comedy Dynamics and DOGTV. Could à la carte TV finally be on the way?

Comedy Dynamics and DOGTV are both just $5 a month each with a Sling TV subscription. Comedy Dynamics is geared for (you guessed it) the serious comedy fan, featuring one of the largest independent stand-up comedy libraries in the country including original shows and movies. Current and former Sling TV customers can view sample promotional titles for free by accessing “Sling Central” in their channel guides. Comedy Dynamics features content by such comedians as Bob Saget, Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish and more.

DOGTV is one of the most bizarre-sounding channels in the streaming world. DOGTV is billing itself as the “first television experience just for dogs” and claims to feature programming which stimulates and comforts canines. DOGTV streams 24 hours of veterinarian-recommended content claiming to be “proven to support a dog’s natural behavior pattern and improve their well-being.” Content can be sorted into categories such as “Relaxation,” “Stimulation,” or “Exposure.”

In case you needed anymore proof that we’re already living in a bizarre dystopian future, just know that now even dogs can watch television 24/7. à la carte subscriptions for both channels can be purchased through the Sling TV app on Roku, Amazon, or Android devices, or by visiting If you’ve been looking for a way to remove yourself from your dog’s life to free up more binge-watching time of your own, check out a free 7-day trial of Sling TV and buy a separate 4K TV just for your dog. Sling TV already has a selection of niche channels, like the Yoga/fitness/cooking channel Grokker, non-fiction and science channel CuriosityStream, and Stingray Karaoke.