Sling TV Adds “Launch Into Live” and “Browse While Watching” Features to Apple TV

Viewers who watch Sling TV on an Apple TV device will find a few new features headed their way starting now, including  “Launch into Live” and “Browse While Watching.”

The Launch into Live feature lets viewers go right to the last channel they were watching when they open Sling. Previously, getting back to your last watched channel meant going through the “My TV” screen. Of course, if you’re a fan of the “My TV” screen on Sling, you can disable Launch into Live from the settings menu. Just uncheck the “Auto-Play Video When App Launches” box and you’ll be back to the old setup.

For those with parental controls activated on an account, Launch into Live is automatically disabled for restricted shows and movies, so you don’t have to worry about kids seeing something troublesome when they fire up Sling.

Also new is Browse While Watching, which plays the current channel in the background while you browse the Sling app. To utilize this feature, press the “menu” button on the Apple TV remote and you’ll get a transparent half screen view. Swipe down to see more while keeping the audio.

The company made this announcement today on their official blog. Both of these features will be added to other devices in the coming months.