Sling TV Adds Showtime, Heartland Extra, and Best of Spanish Channels

Just ahead of the launch of Hulu and YouTube’s live television services, Sling TV has announced a channel expansion, with a little something for everyone included. Three new packages are on the way, including Heartland Extra, “Best of Spanish” and Showtime.

The biggest name in this addition is Showtime, which has been available as a streaming service before, but only as a standalone service. Showtime’s on demand app is available for Apple TV and Roku devices, plus Hulu and PlayStation Vue, and has since expanded to Android, iOS, Fire TV, and Fire tablets.

Here’s a run down of all the new channels coming to Sling:

  • SHOWTIME – New and existing Sling TV customers can get eight channels for $10 per month, including almost 2,000 on demand titles.
  • Heartland Extra – Sling Orange and Sling Blue customers will get family friendly sitcoms, timeless movies, outdoor entertainment and more for just $5 per month. Six new channels are a part of Heartland Extra, including Family Net, Outdoor Channel and more.
  • Best of Spanish TV Channels – Three new Spanish language channels are a part of the “Best of Spanish TV” package, including Estrella TV, Vme Kids and El Financiero|Bloomberg TV. Customers will get bi-lingual and Spanish-dominant comedies, kids’ programming and financial news. Best of Spanish TV is $10 a month as a standalone service or just $5 a month when paired with Sling Orange or Sling Blue.

These new channels are a great addition for Sling, because they’re what most people are familiar with when they have a big cable package. And the good thing about these is, customers can choose to do without them if they won’t watch, or add them if they’re a fan. Premium content from channels like Showtime is a big plus for a streaming service like Sling, and it only gives even more motivation to finally cut cable.