Sling TV Brings “What’s Hot” Sports Ribbon To Android and Amazon Devices

Football season is almost here and baseball season is entering the home stretch, and Sling TV is making it easier for sports fans to stay on top of what’s popular with the addition of their “What’s Hot” ribbon to the sports page.

With this ribbon at the top of the screen, viewers can quickly see the most popular games and sports-centric programming (based on what others are watching) in one place, making sure they don’t miss out on the suddenly great game. There’s no more searching for a certain team and leaving the Sports screen just to find the big game.

Sling is even adding a real time “excitement rating” (ranging from dull to good game to great game) from THUUZ to let viewers know which games they need to be tuning in to.

The new addition is now available on Android mobile, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV devices.