Sling TV Debuts ‘Optimized For Sling TV’ Certification For New Devices

sling tv

At the annual Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas, Sling TV announced “Optimized for Sling TV” – a new certification program to help users make sure they’re getting the best possible experience with Sling TV.

What exactly does “Optimized for Sling TV” mean? It means that after analyzing certain key criteria (like auto-launching Sling when a device is turned on, having over the air capability in addition to streaming, and having a dedicated Sling button on the remote), a certain device or platform is recognized as offering excellent compatibility with Sling TV.

Devices that receive this certification will be allowed to promote it on their packaging, and Sling TV will showcase these devices on their web site. The program launches today, and already has two members – the AirTV Player and the Mi Box from Xiaomi.

Ben Weinberger, chief product officer for Sling TV, said program was designed to “highlight [their] dedication to device partners, including Xiaomi and AirTV, and to develop new paths for improving Sling TV.” Hugo Barra, Xiaomi’s International Vice President, said noted “A quality experience is a priority, and as a launch partner for the program, we have been working closely with Sling TV’s engineers to develop a great experience that highlights Sling TV’s capabilities.”

Other selection criteria include the Sling TV app coming pre-loaded (and in a prominent location), Sling being the default live TV app, home Wi-Fi optimization, and support for the latest Sling TV build.