Sling TV Doubles Channel Lineup For Just $10 With Multi-Extra Discount

It’s no secret that Sling TV wants to lure people away from their “big cable” subscription, but now they’re meeting their customers halfway. The company has discovered that not everyone is ready to lose all of their favorite channels, so they’re making it affordable to get them.

Thanks to a new pricing plan from Sling TV, customers can double their channel lineup for just $10. The “Multi-Extra Discount,” which includes Lifestyle Plus Extra, Kids Extra, News Extra, and Comedy Plus Extra, has been available for a while now. The 40 network add-on previously had a price tag of $20 though.

But under the new plan, all Sling Orange and Sling Blue customers can get the Multi-Extra Discount for $10.

For many Sling TV subscribers, the skinny, basic bundle is enough. But as more and more people cut cable to go with alternatives like Sling, the company realized some of them were looking for a true cable alternative (just without the triple digit price). So Sling made getting a large selection of networks cheaper than ever.

The new plan gets Sling Orange subscribers nearly 80 networks (up from 40) for right at $30 a month. Sling Blue customers get 80 networks (with a few changes) for just under $35, and customers who are Sling Orange and Sling Blue subscribers get 90 networks for $50.

If any customers already have the Sling TV Lifestyle Plus Extra, Kids Extra, Comedy Plus Extra and News Extra plan, they’ll see a $10 discount on their next bill.

Sling said they made this move to try to move away from the “big, bigger, biggest” offerings of cable, but still give subscribers the networks they want. Sing TV customers can stick with the basic bundle if they choose, add on an extra package or two like sports, or choose an add on like this for one low price.

If you haven’t tested Sling TV out yet, know that they do offer a one week free trial for new signups.