Sling TV Expands Cloud DVR to Apple TV

It was just last month that Sling debuted their cloud DVR service for Amazon users, and now it’s Apple’s turn. Starting today, customers who have a Sling TV subscription on their Apple TV will have access to the streaming service’s “First Look” DVR feature. That means the feature is now available on Apple, Roku, Amazon, and Android devices (with more devices on the way in the next few months).

Sling TV’s cloud DVR program does cost an extra $5 a month, but it brings a ton of choice and control to television viewing, including 50 hours of DVR storage. Although it’s not available for every channel, Sling TV’s DVR feature is available for the majority of channels, and adds a ton of value to the service, with shows being store indefinitely, and allowing or pausing, rewinding and fast forwarding through recorded content at any time.

Sling TV is now the only over the top video provider available on Apple TV that lets users keep recordings as long as they have the DVR.

Adding cloud DVR to a Sling TV subscription is simple: customers just need to sign in to their account using the web site and click “Add Cloud DVR.” The feature will be added immediately, and will show up on the next bill.

First Look cloud DVR is a great add on for Sling TV subscribers, letting them record programs and watch them later on any Amazon Fire TVs or Fire tablets, any Android mobile devices, all Android TVs and Apple TVs, plus Roku streaming players and Roku TVs. Since it’s cloud based, it allows for conflict free recording, meaning multiple programs can be recorded simultaneously. Recordings never expire as long as the account is active, and Sling TV makes room for new recordings by deleting your old recordings automatically, starting with the oldest watched recording.